About this blog and me

As the URL says, the purpose of this blog is to balance the prevalent anti-PAP sentiment that has greatly permeated most of the Singapore cyberspace today.

My first online posting was on The Real Singapore here. As much most of the articles there were anti-PAP, I appreciated the fact that they were willing to show the other side of the story unlike others, like cough cough T_E and T_C. Nevertheless, I cannot rely on other sites, might as well start my own.

I’m 18 years old, just graduated from a top JC last year and currently enrolled in the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Never mind about my background, what matters are my ideas and opinions.

I’m seriously appalled at the skewed opinions on cyberspace. Given that 60% of Singaporeans voted for the ruling party in the last general election, the typical biased netizens are no doubt the vocal minority. It is time the people in the silent majority like myself step up and make ourselves heard. We may have a small online presence, but one more step for the vocal minority, one giant leap for the silent majority.

Best regards

Michelle Lee


4 thoughts on “About this blog and me”

  1. What makes you think you are one of the silent majority? Do you have the statistics to prove that? In your blog about Roy, you bragged about SIngapore’s ranking in the corruption index. What about about the ranking of our press? What do you know about the truth? You wrote “never mind about my background”, yet you alluded to your so-called “top JC”; what was your point in mentioning that other than bragging about your so-called “intelligence”? Such a young braggart!

  2. Michelle,
    Agree with you that most online articles are anti-PAP and there should be better balance. However, if you are equally unbalanced and write only pro-PAP articles, you will not have any credibility and your articles will seem tainted with bias. The PAP is not perfect and I would love to hear your thoughts on how they and their policies can be improved as well. In short, be more balanced and write both types of articles and you will be taken more seriously. At the end of the day, we should be pro-Singapore and not pro-party, whether PAP or opposition.

  3. Once a PAP supporter said:

    Have you played the “monopoly board” game?
    You don’t have to have an MBA or PHD to realize this.
    PAP is bad for competition in the political arena.
    It might have been good to have a dominant party during LKY era. He happens to be
    there at the right time and right place. But things have changed, and things need to be changed.

  4. Michelle,

    Is your real name Calvin Cheng?


    “The pro-PAP IB Michelle Lee strikes again after more than half a year of silence. The reason I’m writing this is not to criticise her, many have already done so. I would just like to point out some curious similarities I couldn’t help but notice between her posts and those of former NMP and obviously pro-PAP Calvin Cheng.

    Her latest post https://balancingthesentiment.wordpress.com/2015/02/19/the-foreigners-in… “The foreigners in our universities is a non-issue” basically argues that the foreign-student ratio is fine.

    The post just before that https://balancingthesentiment.wordpress.com/2015/02/18/the-wp-has-been-a… “ The WP has been a huge disappointment “ criticised the WP’s handling of the Aljunied affairs. Her prior posts has always been supportive of PAP’s policies whether it is the income inequality, minimum wage or high defence spending.

    From reading her handful of blog posts so far, it is obvious that she is extremely imbalanced and pro-PAP. Her “About” page is extremely scant and only alluding to the (yet-to-be-independently-verified) fact that she studies in NUS FASS and was from a top-JC. For all we know this may not be an 18-year-old woman but a man double the age. There is no email provided, no Facebook profile or Twitter page behind this blog other than the blog itself.

    Having said that, I have a suspicion that this Michelle Lee is an alias and is actually former NMP/pro-PAP Calvin Cheng based on an entirely unscientific but Freudian slips made on his/her part. Or at least, somebody who is influenced by him.

    The first one is the name of the blog. Michelle calls hers “Balancing the sentiment”. Calvin calls his “Beyond the emotive”. Different words but both seem like the same attempt to sound neutral and mature. Any English or Literature majors can correct me?


    Anyway, on her latest post, she say:

    “Many anti-government bloggers like to pontificate about equality for this and that. When it comes to equality of university admission foreign or local, they are strangely silent.”

    The key word here is “pontificate”. I had to look up the meaning of this bombastic word from a dictionary when I first read it from Calvin Cheng’s posts. It is obviously not a word that is commonly used.

    When did Calvin Cheng flaunt his Queen’s English? Turns out more than once.

    “Better to establish clear rules for transparency now than suffer the same fates as Western democracies that pontificate fairness and democratic values, but subvert the same values with hypocrisy.” http://beyondtheemotive.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-pap-and-unfair-election…

    Wrap Text field:
    “Whenever economists and academics start pontificating about how business should be run, how productivity should be increased, how workers should be motivated, how employees should be remunerated etc, I can’t help but feel annoyed. ”https://www.facebook.com/calvinchengnmp/posts/872422632807814


    Assume my angmoh is not so good and “pontificate” is a word that is actually more common, the next point is more obvious.
    On her previous post, she said and I quote “Nearly 40% of Singaporeans voted for the opposition, you tell me none of them want to work with the WP?”

    Calvin Cheng posted on his Facebook wall on Feb 13 https://www.facebook.com/calvinchengnmp/posts/874246965958714
    “Nobody wants to work for the Workers Party?
    40% of the electorate voted for the opposition.
    Out of the million persons, NOBODY capable of managing a town council wanted to work for the WP?
    Is this believable ?”

    Notice the similarity? What do you think? I believe there is more to it than meets the eye for this Michelle Lee blogger.”

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